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Clark Hot Air Balloon Festival

It is finally made official by the Department of Tourism that there will not be a Clark Hot Air Balloon Festival in 2014.

The 2014 Clark Hot Air Balloon has been plagued with issues and problems right from the start. Earlier this year it was announced that the dates for this year’s Clark Hot Air Balloon Fiesta had been postponed to April to give the new event organizer enough time to make proper preparations.

Just when things appeared to be moving in the right direction for the event, a fatal blow was delivered to the Clark Hot Air Balloon Festival when the D.O.T. discovered that no events involving objects in flight can take place anywhere inside Clark Freeport Zone within 25km of the Clark International Airport. This limitation is a result of the famous Balikatan exercises in Philippines for which Clark serves as one of the bases.

By then announcements of the resumption as well as the final dates for the Clark Hot Air Balloon fiesta were already made public. Inquiries from fans of the Clark Hot Air Balloon Festival started to pour in. The ensuing search for a replacement site led event planners to destinations that are of considerable distance from Clark. Not surprisingly at all, it was not easy to find a venue that is built to accommodate an event of this magnitude. Even a well-developed city like Clark had trouble accommodating the thousands of visitors each year during the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta weekend.

Fans of the Clark Hot Air Balloon festival have understandably expressed their frustrations and disappointments. If it is any consolation, there are recent news and announcements that the Balloon Fiesta may still push through this year. But what seems certain now is that it will not be a project of Clark Freeport Zone and its associated branch of the Department of Tourism, and it will not take place anywhere in or even around Clark Zone.

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