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Getting around in Clark

Guide to transportation, taxis, buses, public transportation, car rental, air travel and how to get around in Clark Philippines and Angeles City Pampanga.

Philippines Clark Freeport is one of the most popular holiday and golfing destinations for Manila residents as well as tourists who have discovered that they can bypass Manila and fly straight into Clark Pampanga using the DMIA Clark International Airport. Visitors arriving in Clark International Airport are literally minutes from golf, resorts, shopping, restaurants and a wide variety of recreational facilities that they can enjoy.

What has eluded the city government, Clark Development Corporation or CDC, are convenient, affordable and reliable public transportation. Taxi service is unreliable and expensive by any standards. Public transportation in the forms of buses and jeepneys are more for workers and students rather than tourists. Getting around Clark continues to be a problem, one that plagues the Freeport city in Pampanga in terms of tourism.