The time & date in Clark, Philippines is

The Clark Lifestyle

Generally regarded as is a place of leisure Clark maintains a consistent standard with respect to products and services. The lifestyle of Clark may not be a 5-star experience but visitors from Manila regard this as the number one destination for family outings, leisure destination as well as the best event venue for company outings, weddings and other events.

Guests enjoy spending time relaxing in leisure at parks and gardens of Clark Pampanga. There is a special feeling in facilities that makes guests want to slow down and enjoy the ambience. Children like playing in around the lake of Clark. Hotel guests prefer Clark over Angeles City, Subic or hotel in Manila. This hotel in Clark Philippines has style and character. Guests often come back again to relax and enjoy the beautiful ambience of this hotel in Clark Pampanga.

Many guests chose Clark as its destination because of the picnic grounds in Clark Pampanga. Some like the trees in around the lake as well as the camping grounds of these places of leisure. One can stay in other hotels in Angeles City but it is not often one finds amenities and ambience like Clark.