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Living in Clark and Pampanga

Clark Freeport has caught the attention of retirees, business investors as well as residents in Manila as a viable and attractive destination for relocation. Safety records, low crime rates, relatively low pollution levels, no traffic and a generally appealing ambience make Clark a unique proposition especially for families with children.

The advantages for making the move from a country like UK, USA, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia for example, to a country like Philippines are enormous. Heavily in your favor are factors like asset values differentials and substantial reduction in cost of living. Selling off your home probably gives you enough capital to not only live comfortably in a bigger property in Philippines but also to re-establish yourself in the business community by starting a business here too.

Best restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga is well known as nice restaurant for kids also; families bring their children to enjoy a special dinner at this fine dining restaurant in Pampanga

Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar located in Clark Philippines is well known as a nice restaurant for kid...

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House for rent near Manila, private swimming pool and near Canlubang golf course

House with swimming pool near Manila near Canlubang Golf There are some luxurious houses in privat...

Places to live in Clark Pampanga Philippines

For a good place to live in Clark Pampanga look into apartments, villas and condominiums for rent in...

Office space for rent in Clark Pampanga is scarce but for small businesses a home office apartment might be the best solution to both housing and office space in Pampanga

Spacious dining room at Redwood Villas apartment for rent Many businesses in Manila and Cebu are sta...

Clark Pampanga Philippines: Growing Herbs at Home

In a botanical sense, an herb is a plant that does not produce a woody stem and dies back to the gro...

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Clark Pampanga Philippines: Easy Care, Low Maintenance Perennials

There is such a thing as a low maintenance, easy care perennial plant. It may vary from climate to c...

Strong demand for dormitory and affordable apartment living in Clark, Pampanga

Growth of business and job opportunities led to strong demand for dormitory and apartment units in C...

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Grandview Developments


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Company Profile : PhilexportR3 is an association of Philippine exporters in Central Luzon. It is a n...

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Looking for a place to live in Clark Philippines? Yats Leisure offers a 3br furnished unit for rent in Redwood Villas just 3 minutes from Mimosa Clark Freeport.


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