The time & date in Clark, Philippines is

Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Ordinarily a quiet and laidback city just outside of Manila Philippines, Clark, or Clark Freeport Zone as it is now officially called in the Philippines springs to life each February when the colorful hot air balloons fly into this major city in Pampanga. Fans of hot air balloons come from not only Angeles City Pampanga, Subic, Manila, Cebu and other major cities in the Philippines but also neighboring cities and counties in Asia such as Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Thailand, Japan and Malaysia. Some attend the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark hoping to get a ride. Others just want to be near enough to these balloons to have a chat with a pilot or the flight team in Clark. Some just position themselves in a good vantage point near the balloon launch sites in the Clark International Airport for some good pictures.

There are more to Clark than just the balloons. While in Clark, many visitors take the opportunity to sample the famous Clark lifestyle by staying in one of the more charming hotels and resorts in Pampanga. Here, the guests of the hotels in Clark enjoy the vast outdoor facilities and the relaxing ambience of nature that residents in crowded cities like Manila and Hong Kong appreciate very much. These visitors to Clark enjoy a much needed reprieve from the stress of living in a city. At night, some visitors travel out of Clark to enjoy the nightlife and entertainment available in Angeles City, Pampanga. Some prefer to enjoy the more upscale and wholesome evening entertainment, wine and dine in the fine dining restaurants and relax and unwind in charming bars and pubs on base in Clark Field.