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Korean, Chinese and Japanese Food

Each year, Clark welcomes tourists from all over Asia. To attend to their meal requirements and dining needs, many new restaurants serving good Asian cuisine have opened in Angeles City, Pampanga and Clark Philippines.

Find out more about Korean food, Chinese and Japanese Restaurants as well as other Asian cuisine available in dining options in Clark, Pampanga.

Low Calorie Dining – How to Eat Healthy at a Chinese Restaurant?-July 26,2011

The authentic Chinese delicacies are rich in vegetables and usually cooked with little or no oil, ow...

The Maya Kitchen Makes Father’s Day extra special

Wine Lovers enjoying BYOB dinner with their own bottle corkage waived MAKE DAD feel even more loved ...

Korean families usually eat rice, soup, and three to four side dishes including the sine qua non, kimchi.


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When most people think of Korean food, they think of kimchi

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Food in Every Country

1 GEOGRAPHIC SETTING AND ENVIRONMENT The Korean Peninsula is a large finger of land that extends sou...

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Easy Korean Dinner Party Menu

To throw a stress-free dinner party serving Korean food, it’s important to choose a few dishes...

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