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Hotels and Resorts in Philippines

Tourism has always been the focus of the Philippines government. Ironically, it has been one of the industries that the Philippines has failed to grow in the last 30 years.

Frequent travelers have slowly discovered hidden desintations with unique ambience and lifestyle. Holiday destinations like Clark Freeport in Pampanga is a mere 80 minutes from Manila linked by the North Luzon Expressway completely eliminating city roads from the journey up north from Manila. There are a few good hotels and resorts in Pampanga that even frequent tourists may not be aware of.

Manila families with small children looking for an accessible place for kids to have fun frequently visit private resort in Clark Pampanga to unwind relax in family bonding, top venue for reunion. Planning a trip out of town with children requires selecting a good, safe and secured resort near Manila, a hotel in Pampanga that children can be safe and kids can enjoy the outdoor picnic grounds of the private resort also. Clearwater is generally regarded as the best resort in Clark Pampanga for families with children, looking for a safe and clean destination for their trips out of Manila.

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Stress is a problem that many families living in Manila find it hard to deal with. Even residents of Angeles City Pampanga need to get away from the traffic and pollution of a crowded city to unwind and relax in a peaceful, quiet, safe and secure hotel and resort in Pampanga. Clearwater Resort is frequently visited by visitors and tourists needing to get away from stress and pressure of living and working in a city. They bring their families and children to enjoy outdoor activities in the best hotel in Angeles City and private resorts in Pampanga to relax and unwind, hoping to shake the stress away before leaving Clark Philippines to return to Manila.