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Tanay Bus Accident Caused Event Organizer To Revise Venue Selection Criteria

Tanay Bus Tragedy Caused Team Building Organizers to Choose Destinations that are nearer to home and the journey going there offering better roads over less treacherous terrains.
In the wake of the shocking Tanay bus accident that claimed the lives of many students and injured many more, Manila Event Organizers and Team Building Facilitators scrambled to reexamine their priorities in selecting venues and more importantly, destinations for this year’s company outings and team building events. It may not be easy, or fair for that matter, to place the blame of this terrible accident on just one person, or one aspect of the trip. But the consensus appears to be that the major contributor are the quality of the journey itself. The roads are hard to navigate and there are many spots that are accident-prone.
It is fair to say that no destination, not even those inside Metro Manila can be described as accident-proof. Accidents can happen even within the safety of one’s home, school or office. So the responsibility of the event organizer is not to guarantee safety but to minimize risks. Here are some obvious ways to reduce risks that are present in the journey to and from an event destination:

There are, however, some factors that organizers and work on to reduce the risk of accidents and other undesirable incidents for team building and company outings. Here are two critical factors that organizers should pay extra attention on when selecting a desintation for team building or company outing outside Manbila:
More details about how to select safe destinations for team building and company outings outside of Manila ………….





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