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For Manila-based corporate events organizers, wedding planners as well as facilitators for team building events, the search for the perfect event destination is a never-ending process. Teambuilding events participants do not see the issues and concerns that are involved in the process of selecting a suitable destination for an event outside Manila. Even among those in management positions not all are aware of all the worries and attention to details that go into ensuring that the right teambuilding venue is selected.
Indoor or Outdoor Event Venue

More and more event organizers favor an outdoor venue for team building outside of Manila. Manila companies bring their staff out of town for team building in a stress-free natural environment conducive to the fostering of bonding and team spirits.

Team building on the beautiful lake in Clark, Pampanga

While Manila hotels offer many indoor facilities for meeting and conferences, Pampanga Clark Freeport offers great outdoor venues for team building and other corporate functions and events.
Safety and Security

Anytime there a group of 100 people or more arriving in an out-of-town destination, it will attract undesirable attention.

Pampanga Clark Freeport is popular destination for corporate team building events in Philippines

Pampanga Clark Freeport is popular destination for corporate team building events in Philippines

Event organizers are very particular about safety and security for the participants of out-of-town teambuilding events. Records of law and order are reviewed for each potential destination to be selected for the event. The safety, law and order records of Clark Pampanga is second to none and is heads and shoulders above all popular cosmopolitan destinations outside of Metro Manila.

For some tourists, getting there is half the fun. To experienced event planners, getting the participants to the event destination is more than half the problems.

A 3-hour journey to an event destination can drain up to 70% of the energy of the participants. That is not the only concern. The longer the journey, the more time is taken out of the core program of the team building event itself.

Experienced event planners know from past experiences that the longer the journey, the less control they have over the actual travel time to and from the event venue. This gets much worse if the long journey involves travelling through cities and towns. City traffic is highly unpredictable and buses have been reported to be held up for hours causing the participants to arrive several hours late, and totally exhausted, not to mention famished.

Smart and experienced event planners consider only those destinations that are accessible enough to reach within 90 minutes, two hours at the most, and prefer that the journey is almost entirely on expressways with minimum or better still, no city driving at all.
Privacy and Exclusivity

Event organizers shun venues that allow public access. It presents too much exposure to uncontrollable factors such as interferences and disruptions, things that can quickly dampen the spirits of the participants and ruin the effects of the team building event.

Given the chance, all event planners will insist on exclusive usage of a team building event venue. Privacy is an important factor because team building facilitators must be able to count from totally uninterrupted access and usage of the facilities without worries of interference from the public. Event venues that offer a sense of exclusivity help participants to relax and focus on the activities of the event.
It takes a lot of work to organize a team building event. It doesn’t take much to ruin the event. That is why experienced facilitators and organizers of team building events outside Manila do not take chances exposing the participants to unnecessary risks not only during the event but from the time the bus leaves Manila until the time all participants have alighted and started heading home.
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The most critical decision in the planning of an out-of-town corporate team building event outside Manila is the destination. Many inexperienced event organizers focused all their attention on the selection of venues as well as facilities that they like to include in the team building exercises. All that can surely add to the success of a team building event but experienced event planners know better. Seasoned team building facilitators focus on the basics first. And that means safety and security, contingencies in case of emergencies and unforeseen weather changes and the wellbeing of the participants.

Clark offers many choices of venues for team building, company outings and even social events such as wedding receptions and family bonding. More about venues for team building and corporate events in Clark, Pampanga……
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We look forward to welcoming you to Clark Pampanga this year!





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