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La Chevrerie Resort

La Chevrerie Resort and Spa is located in Anilao, Batangas, one of the most famous and certainly well visited diving destinations in the Philippines, if not the entire Asia.

Le Chevrerie Garden Pool overlooking the ocean

Le Chevrerie Garden Pool overlooking the ocean

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Finally, a local boutique resort that offers a level of luxury and comfort comparable to that offered internationally by the biggest resort chains.
Located in the Philippines’ most premium diving spot, La Chevrerie combines the breathtaking beauty of unspoiled nature with the subtle elegance of French design to indulge guests in an Eden of recreation and relaxation.
Promising a holistically satisfying escape, the resort, more than offering guests access to a world-class dive spot, also makes sure to pamper them with top notch service and accommodations that satisfy each of the senses.

Standard room at La Chevrerie Resort in Anilao Batangas

Standard room at La Chevrerie Resort in Anilao Batangas

From the rustic yet elegant rooms evoking both comfort and style, a restaurant and bar offering a festival of exquisite, organic choices and the most premium wines and liquors, an excellent spa with an unparalleled, expert-trained staff, and a team of dive instructors dedicated to give guests nothing short of the best diving experience—La Chevrerie is the ideal sanctuary for that perfect holiday escape.
About Us
Literally translating to ‘The Goat’s Place’ in English, La Chevrerie was borne out of a French diver’s dream who was then just visiting Batangas to set up a place where he could let his pet goats roam freely and where he could be one with nature—enjoying the sweeping view of the beautiful sea and sunset.
From this simple dream of having a quaint retreat space for himself, the French diver then decided that this blissful sanctuary was too good to be kept a secret and he set up La Chevrerie—a world-class boutique resort that promises guests a seamless fusion of comfort and style, recreation and relaxation, simplicity and indulgence.
Nestled amidst the lush greens and serene waters of Mabini, La Chevrerie is a mere 15-20 minutes away from the famous pristine beaches of Anilao.
View of the ocean from pool of La Chevrerie Resort in Anilao Batangas

View of the ocean from pool of La Chevrerie Resort in Anilao Batangas

Though mainly known as a dive and snorkeling spot, Anilao also boasts of quaint strips of white sand beaches perfect for quiet strolls and relaxing sunbathing.
To ensure utmost privacy and exclusive indulgence for each guest, the resort has limited its accommodations to just 13 rooms. This limited number of rooms assures guests that each need is attended to with undivided care and attention by the resort’s staff.
Accommodation at La Chevrerie Resort and Spa in Batangas, Philippines

Accommodation at La Chevrerie Resort and Spa in Batangas, Philippines

Together, the resort’s 13 rooms represent a contemporary interpretation of an effortless fusion of style and comfort, simplicity and indulgence. Designed with the highly refined aesthetics of its French owner, the resort treats guests to European perfection in modern tropical style.
The sleekness of the neutral colored walls punctuated by a pop of color and the understated elegance of the wooden fixtures—all imported from countries that currently only export to European markets—mix together perfectly to relax and re-energize, giving guests that authentic experience of European luxury and comfort
Suite Room

Perfect for couples wishing to have their own little tranquil sanctuary, the Suite Rooms offer extra exclusivity by occupying a space separate from the resort’s main hall.

Perched right by the shore, guests can enjoy an undisturbed 270-degree view of the pristine waters as they retreat into pure bliss—a spacious room (82 sqm.) complete with the luxuries of a lavish bedroom, sitting room, dining room, and an ultra-sleek bathroom.
Deluxe Room

Located in the resort’s main hall, Deluxe Rooms provide guests with the ultimate comfort as they retire from an adventure-filled day by the beach. Each 43-sqm. room comes complete with a spacious veranda with an impressive 270-degree sea view, a richly luxurious bed and ultra elegant fixtures—all designed to impress and indulge.

All Deluxe Rooms also offer guests the choice of having either a king-sized bed or a twin bed.
L’Atelier Restaurant

L'Atelier Restaurant of La Chevrerie Resort and Spa in Anilao Batangas

L’Atelier Restaurant of La Chevrerie Resort and Spa in Anilao Batangas

L’Atelier is the resort’s premium bar and restaurant.

Like the resort’s suites, L’Atelier also evokes the perfect fusion of sophistication and comfort not just with its rustic yet modern design but also with the simple yet elegant gastronomic feast it treats guests to.

The resort’s in-house chefs meticulously pick only the finest and freshest ingredients to indulge guests in the healthiest organic dishes and the freshest seafood. With the exceptional culinary standards upheld by its staff, L’Atelier’s dishes are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of palettes.

Walk-in Wine Cellar of La Chevrerie Resort in Anailao Batangas

Walk-in Wine Cellar of La Chevrerie Resort in Anailao Batangas

Apart from its own bar of fine liquors, L’Atelier also has its very own wine cellar—carefully filled with only the most premium labels—giving guests the perfect cap to their gastronomic experience.

La Brise Spa

To make guests experience the ultimate relaxation, La Chevrerie’s spa—La Brise—employs the best staff and uses nothing but the most luxurious spa products.

La Brise Spa of Cheverie Resort

La Brise Spa of Cheverie Resort

Here, guests can indulge in the most relaxing and sensual spa treatment they’ll ever experience. Perched right by the waterfront to give guests a sweeping view of the calming waters and allow the relaxing feel of the sea breeze and sound of the gently crashing waves to envelope them in pure bliss, La Brise offers nothing but the best—a team of expert massage therapists and premium spa products all imported from Europe.
Ocean View from L'Atelier Restaurant

Ocean View from L’Atelier Restaurant

Providing the perfect balance to the resort’s luxurious and relaxing ambience, La Chevrerie also offers gives guests exclusive access to a wide array of outdoor activities—satisfying not just the desire for tranquility, but also for adventure.
Scuba Diving

Anilao has long been a favorite destination not just of local, but also foreign divers. Its rich waters teeming with beautiful marine life—unspoiled coral reefs and vibrant sea creatures—has made it the top diving destination in the country, attracting droves of diving professionals and hobbyists alike.

In keeping with its desire to give guests a truly world-class experience, La Chevrerie’s Dive Center also carries MARES, one of the most trusted and highly-regarded brand of diving gears. Adding to its impressive arsenal of high quality gears, the dive center also provides guests with in-house SSI-certified dive instructors that can give both diving professionals and hobbyists alike exactly the level of training they need—from Open Water, to Advanced Water and Nitrox training—before they head out to explore the wonderful, world-famous marine life of Anilao.

For those who want to get up close and personal with Anilao’s wonderful array of sea creatures and coral life but prefer to skip the training and diving gears, beautiful coral gardens in shallow open waters are also abundant in the area.

With the clearest of waters and the calmest of currents, Anilao is perfect not just for diving but also for snorkeling.
Boat Cruise and BBQ

After an eventful morning of diving, guests can unwind with an exclusive boat cruise to the beautiful islands of Maricaban and Sombrero—two of the islands nearest to La Chevrerie.

Feasting their eyes on the magnificent ocean view, feeling the warm glow of the sun on their skin, and smelling the fresh salty air as it breezes through their hair, guests welcome a relaxing and re-energizing experience as they go on the 15-minute cruise en route to the islands.

Once on the island, guests get to complete this feast of the senses with a guided snorkeling tour around the island’s breathtaking coral-lined perimeter followed by the most luscious of all gastronomic delights—a lavishly prepared seafood BBQ specially prepared by L’Atelier’s in-house chefs.

Truly an experience to behold, the boat cruise and BBQ is the epitome of La Chevrerie’s exceptional level of service.

Making sure that guests have access to all sorts of recreational activities, La Cheverie has also prepared an in-land nature-appreciation experience for those who wish to remain ashore. Conveniently tucked near the resort is a gently sloping hill that resort staff can gladly take interested guests to.

Designed to be a half-day activity, the hill’s peak can be reached by guests with a 2-hour trek from the resort. For guests who wish to take a shortcut, La Chevrerie’s chauffeur services can also take them to a drop-off point that’s a mere 20-minute walk away from the hill’s peak. With its gentle slopes—rising 525 meters above sea level—the hill can easily be trekked both by mountain climbing enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Guests can bask in quiet wonder at the beautiful scenery as they slowly ascend the hill. Upon reaching the hilltop, the unobstructed view of Anilao’s grasslands merging seamlessly with the clear waters of Balayan Bay is sure to take guests’ breath away and make the long trek up more than worth it.

Diving Gear Shop at La Chevrerie Resort in Anilao Batangas

Diving Gear Shop at La Chevrerie Resort in Anilao Batangas


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